17 Easy ways to create a more diverse and equal business (or workplace).

A comprehensive guide to creating a more welcoming and safe work environment.

credit: rawpixel

credit: rawpixel

It’s Pride Month, and it feels like an excellent opportunity to have an open heart conversation about diversity and equality, including but not limited to LGBTQIA. 
I like to think that most of us define ourselves as open-minded and advocates for diversity and equality. We believe in them, and we demand justice when these rights are violated. 
But are we actually doing our part?
What actions and steps have you taken to build a more equal society recently?

No matter what you do or where you do it, there is always a way you can help create a more welcoming environment.

Especially in our workplace, is easy for companies to ignore when people don’t feel confident or welcome at work. 
As CEO, entrepreneurs or founders we may believe in equal opportunities and fairness very firmly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the rest of the team/staff does, especially if the business is not small anymore.

So, how do we translate these core beliefs into our business? 
What steps and actions can we take to create a safe and more receptive work environment?

Here is a comprehensive guide with clear actions you can implement from today to make your business a safe environment for everybody, a place more diverse and equal with happier staff.

1.- Avoid making assumptions about anything but especially about sexual orientation, gender, religion, race or financial status.
2.- When possible use gender-neutral terms (such as partner)
3.- Don’t use demeaning words (even if someone uses them to talk about themselves).
4.- Write a short non-discrimination statement for your business.
5.- Display that statement somewhere visible.
6.- Write a diversity policy
7.- Have a chat with your staff and inform them about the diversity practices
8.- Confidentiality - never assume people are ready to talk about it openly.
9.- Be aware of where you have gender segregation, is it possible to make any changes?
10.- Make sure you cover the needs/have options for of transsexual people.
11.- Provide safe spaces for reflexion, player and relaxation (think for instance about anxiety disorders and how safe someone affected by it would feel if you provide that space)
12.- Provide training for people
13.- Encourage staff to report incidents
14.- Have a system in place when incidents occur.
15.- Find and support role models - encourage your staff members to share inspiring information, create meetups, featuring positive images and statements.
16.- Advice vacancies in places that are diverse
17.- Display information about diversity in a visible area, it helps to create a welcoming environment

Have you implemented or are you planning to implement any of these best practices in your business?

Do you have any practices you want to share?
Leave a comment and let me know.
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