Why storytelling sells

Around 40.000 years ago humans started creating art as a way to share and transmit new information to groups from other areas and soon became a critical part of our identity.

"Every new idea we pick up has the chance to become immortal by being passed down through the generations. That is how language spread, for example"*.
Thanks to this form of storytelling we learnt about the dangers around us, it was and still is an essential part of human evolution and has helped us survive until today.

How we understand and retain information that is useful to us has to do with the way our brain is wired, and this uniqueness is what differentiates us from any other species.

More recently science discovered some interesting insights about how our brain responds to stories, whenever we're listening to a story the person listening emulates/simulates the brain activity from the storyteller as if it was real, this is called "neural coupling effect".* In other words, we experience and feel the story as we're listening to.

This human element is crucial when we're want to sell a product. The human brain will remember much easily a product if there is a story attached to it.

It isn't about how cool an advert looks or how "fresh" an idea seems that is going to make your customer remember your brand next time s/he is at the supermarket or browsing on the Internet. That will most likely only happen if the story that comes with your product communicates with them on an emotional level. 

Simon Sinek explains it very clearly in his bestseller book "Start with why"*, "people buy the feeling, they buy how your product makes them feel".

As marketers and creators we can use the power of storytelling to connect with our audience, make our advert more persuasive and a product more memorable

Every business has a story to tell, let us tell yours!