3 Benefits of hiring a small production company

Why choosing an independent production company will get you more value for your money.


Hiring a production company to make that commercial you have been thinking about can be a tough decision to make. Especially knowing that a good promotional video can really help you boost your sales.

People watch more videos than ever before, 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process and on average Facebook gets 8 billion video views per day!

But when it comes to hiring a production company bigger doesn’t always mean better. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of big production companies we admire and have fantastic credits to their name and if your business is a multinational company and you need to create a global campaign, maybe that is your best option.

However, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a small production company.

1.- Small production companies can focus on your needs

a small production company probably has a much smaller client folder, which means that have they have more time on their hands to dedicate it to you and your project. They will spend more time coming up with creative solutions and ideas that will benefit your campaign.

At the same time, they can put all the creative power at your service throughout the project.

Bigger production companies have more clients, in practical terms they won’t have as much time to spend on your project as a smaller company will do. This can impact the communication, taking longer to answer your questions or limiting meetings, but it could also mean that they could spend less time developing a concept, finding the right crew to work on your project or sourcing the right location, cast, etc. You get the picture.

Something to consider is that if your budget is not as hefty as a multinational brand you will probably end up working with junior staff, from executives to editors, camera operators and graphic designers.

2.- Fresh ideas flow

We already have determined that smaller production companies are likely to have more time for you. Having time also gives creatives the flexibility to generate and develop new ideas. It’s unlikely they choose to “recycle” old ideas or assets and use them in your project.

Well-established companies, however, will favour sticking with a set of deliverables they know they’re good at, discouraging creatives and clients about stepping out their comfort zone.

In a small company, creatives are more courageous and are willing take risks if necessary to serve the client’s needs.

In larger companies this is not always the case, clients are pushed towards “safer” ideas, more in line with what the production can comfortably create.

3.- Money, money, money

Money is not everything and it should definitely not be the only reason you consider before hiring a company, big or small.

However, something to think about is that a smaller company has much lower overheads, probably don’t have yet a fancy office, 2 receptionists, a fridge full of international beers and cool artwork hanging at the office. This translates into lower expenses which enable them to charge you much less for the same (and better) work.

So you get more value for your money ;-)

Have you hired a production company before? Was it big or small? how was your experience? Let us know in the comments below.


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