Video Marketing Strategy Series

Everybody knows that using video to promote your business can help you reach a wider audience and increase your sales;
fewer people know that having a video marketing strategy in place will improve and add new benefits. 

A video marketing strategy will make your message more effective; also as you'll be utilising your resources more efficiently, it will make you save you time and money, besides of creating brand awareness and making your brand or product more desirable.

Creating a marketing strategy can be hard, that is why we decided to put together an easy step-by-step guide on how to build and implement a video marketing strategy for your business (for free!). 
For a month we'll be publishing a post every week with a new step of the series, stay tuned!

f you think that video might not work for your business, have a look at these statistics.



In this first step of the series, we'll be focusing on the content. The key here is defining your story.
Everyone has a story to tell so, first of all, you need to find out what are the best stories that you or your business has to tell.
Read these essentials that will help you define your story:

  1. Think of how your product or service makes a difference, focus on the uniqueness of your business: Make a list of all the unique benefits your business has, do some research about your competitors and take note on how your company differentiates from the rest. Ask friends and previous or current clients why they have chosen your business over others, try a survey or a quiz to increase the number of answers.

  2. The primary goal is to engage emotionally with your customers, so when you are working on the content, do it with your audience in mind.

  3. Find out what are your client's interests, what things they enjoy and what problems they have to face; where they hang out (physical and online spaces), what products they buy and how they spend their free time.

  4. Think of stories you can tell in parts as series, then create a publishing schedule.

Golden tip: read this book and change the way you communicate.
Need some inspiration? Here are a few ideas of what kind of content you could create: tutorials, tips or user-generated content.

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