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There is an elephant in the room

Some time ago I was invited to interview for a directing role in a well known production company. It was the dream job, I was so excited by the prospect of working at this place.

However, the interview didn't go as planned.

After two hours of an interview full with inappropriate comments and the interviewer admitting that he had worked with women in the past and - surprisingly - turned out fine.

Right before he ended the meeting, my interviewer says:

Well...There is a big elephant in the room. And I'm sorry, but I have got to ask…

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Advertising that inspire social good

People trust brands with social interest, from “who made my clothes” campaign to groups of angry parents calling out brands to disclose the list of ingredients on their children products, social media has become a channel to demand transparency from brands, and companies that do so, are rewarded with trust. 

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