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media training: make your business stand out with video

We’re about to open the gates of our first online training! Make your business stand-out with video is an online course for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to boost their sales and improve their business online presence.

Whether you’re brand new to filmmaking or you have been creating video content for some time, this course will give you the tools you need to take your video skills to a higher level.

*Hurry up to grab the early bird offer! Ends on June 30th 2019


Blog post: there is an elephant in the room

Some time ago I was invited to interview for a directing role in a well known production company. It was the dream job, I was so excited by the prospect of working at this place.

However, the interview didn't go as planned.

After two hours of an interview full with inappropriate comments and the interviewer admitting that he had worked with women in the past and - surprisingly - turned out fine.

Right before he ended the meeting, my interviewer says:

Well...There is a big elephant in the room. And I'm sorry, but I have got to ask…


"Desde mi taller" - short documentary series

Second episode of a documentary series "Desde Mi Taller" about Latin American artists living and working in London that we created for La Tundra Revista.
In this second episode, we featured Cruz María Vallespir, a Chilean designer working and living in London.